Online MBA Rankings FAQ

What is the Best Degree for Becoming a Fortune 500 CEO?

Despite the stress and pressure in the lives of top business leaders, many young office workers aspire to run their own company. But how does one ascend the corporate ladder to success? While not every big-name CEO has formal credentials, very few people are able to make it to the top without a college education. […]

How Can I Practice My Leadership Skills While Getting an MBA in Marketing Online?

When getting your MBA in Marketing, you know that learning to lead is a major factor in getting a leg up in the industry. After all, the sooner you learn to bring others to your side of the table, the better you’ll be able to get quality projects done — and that means you’re helping […]

Will Being Fluent in More Than One Language Improve My Chances of Getting Into an MBA Program?

Business schools only have a small number of seats available, and the top schools receive five times as many applications as they have room for in the program. Studying a second language gives you something that you can put on your resume, and it will help when you work with people speaking that language. If […]

Is There Any Truth to Rankings of Online MBA Programs?

Will Rogers once said that a difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries. And with the disparities in rankings among those who rate online MBA programs, it’s obvious that Rogers never read what online education evaluators thought either. Indeed, only a few years ago most people would tell you that the idea […]

How Do Employers View an Online Masters Degree?

How do employers view an online masters degree? Chances are, a person who is considering pursuing this type of degree online is interested in the answer to this question. Not surprisingly, the people who are taking these advanced courses want to benefit from them in form of a better job or a promotion at their […]

How Long Does it Take to Get an MBA Online?

One of the most advantageous aspects of earning an MBA online is the flexibility it provides for attending class while retaining a job or performing an established routine. Traditional colleges usually require at least two years to earn an MBA, but online colleges often grant the degree in a year or 18 months. The length […]

Are There Any Online Colleges That Offer a Free Laptop With Tuition?

Taking classes online saves time, but it requires students to have access to a computer. A laptop can provide students with the ability to do their school work wherever there is an Internet connection. Several online colleges and brick and mortar colleges with online programs offer “free” or discounted laptops to their students. A laptop […]

How Can I Finance My MBA Degree?

How Can I Finance My MBA Degree? After being accepted into a great business school, the next question that pops into most people’s heads is, “How can I finance my MBA degree?” A college education is undoubtedly expensive, and graduate programs are even more costly than undergraduate ones. Tuition for some of the best MBA […]

What is the Difference Between a MBA and an MBA in Finance?

The main difference between MBA and MBA in Finance degrees is that an MBA covers accounting, marketing, information technology, management, finance and other business subjects while an MBA in Finance covers these subjects with a focus on quantitative finance. MBA in Finance graduates must have a strong comprehension of financial mathematics and accounting, while graduates […]

What Is A Global MBA?

Students searching for college or university MBA degree programs might find themselves coming across interesting information on some of today’s Global MBA programs and may ask themselves, “What is a Global MBA?” They will find that having a Global MBA degree in today’s business environment is a very positive thing. Earning a Global MBA can […]

What Are The Different Types of MBA Degrees?

If you are planning to earn an advance degree, it is important to research the different types of MBA degrees that you can earn. A Master of Business Administration is an advanced business degree that is designed to make you a master in business. You will learn about many different core areas of business and […]

Which Areas Can You Specialize an MBA In?

Surveys of MBA holders found that those with an advanced degree make more money than those with an undergraduate degree make, but you need to think about the areas you can specialize an MBA in before picking a program. Most schools today no longer offer a simple MBA program. These programs ask students to pick […]

What is an Executive MBA?

If you are currently working in management and are interested in advancing your career into top-level positions, it is highly recommended that you look into enrolling in an Executive MBA program. As a graduate level business degree offered within a university’s business or management school, an Executive MBA is primarily designed to educate working executives, […]

What is an International MBA?

Business today is moving toward globalization and many students are pursuing an International MBA. According to Expatica, the application rate of American students for these programs has risen dramatically in the past few years. Before students embark on an odyssey abroad, they should understand what the degree is and how it affects their career goals. What […]

What is a Professional MBA?

Leading to a Master of Business Administration degree, a Professional MBA is a graduate program specifically designed for established business professionals who are seeking advanced training in a specialized business discipline to improve their opportunity for career advancement. As an increasingly popular degree option in today’s competitive global business marketplace, the PMBA is focused on […]

Can You Get an MBA in Accounting?

If you are studying to work in accounting, you may want to get an MBA in Accounting to advance your career and your knowledge. A Master in Business Administration program is a graduate degree program that is designed to give students the knowledge that they need in business practices so that they can work in […]

What is a Stocks Trading Specialist?

A stocks trading specialist is an employee working on a stock exchange who is responsible for facilitating trade for a particular stock. This specialist will have an inventory detailing what’s available in that particular stock that will allow him or her to post bid and ask prices, execute trades, and limit orders. On a typical stock […]

What Is an Investment Analyst?

It may sound tautological, but investment analysts perform financial analysis for their employers and clients. After examining the potential yield of a given investment, the analyst typically issues a recommendation to the requesting individual or firm. In most cases, the firm or individual will base its investment decision on the conclusions the analyst reached. How […]

What is a Bonds Specialist?

Bond specialists, as their name infers, spend significant time in educating on the acquisition with respect to home and other property bonds. Additionally, they are responsible for securing bonds for potential property purchasers, according to Investopedia. Bond specialists convey more clout with bond originators, because of their involvement in dealing with those who offer bonds. Bonds […]

What is the Difference Between a Global MBA and an International MBA?

As you compare different MBA programs, you may begin to ask yourself what the difference between a Global MBA and International MBA program really is. While the two types of programs might sound like two different titles for the same exact type of business degree, that is not the case. Each program is designed to […]

What is an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

If you would like to start your own business, you may be interested in learning more about the MBA in Entrepreneurship degree program. The business program is designed especially for students who have completed their undergraduate studies and who would like to become well-rounded professionals ready for what entrepreneurship has to throw at them. Like […]

What Type of Financial Aid is Available for an Online MBA?

If you are planning on studying for your business degree and you do not want to pay for tuition entirely out of pocket, you should be aware of the type of financial aid available for an online MBA. Earning your business degree can be very expensive, especially when you are taking an online degree program […]

How Can You Become an Investment Analyst?

If you’ve always dreamed of working on Wall Street, taking the steps to become an investment analyst could make this vision a reality. Investment analysts keep their fingers on the pulse of the stock market to provide key advice to fund managers on buying and selling investments. It’s their duty to analyze current market trends […]

What is the Difference Between an Accounting MBA and Master's in Accounting Degree?

Earning an advanced degree is a significant time and financial investment, and many business professionals research the difference between an Accounting MBA and Master’s in Accounting degree (MAcc) to identify the one that best matches their skills, personal preferences and professional aspirations. There are many reasons why a person chooses to pursue graduate business education. […]

What is an Accelerated MBA?

There are a number of different types of MBA programs and one that is becoming increasingly popular is the Accelerated MBA program. If you are comparing different programs formats and designs, it is important to take a close look at each to see which will offer you the best chances of accomplishing your goals. A […]

What is a Distance Learning MBA?

If you want to earn your graduate-level professional degree while you work, you may be interested in learning about the distance learning MBA. Distance MBA programs have brought the prestige that the degree offers within the grasp of many prospective students who may not have had the time or resources to attend a traditional program. […]

What Careers are Available with a Dual Master of Science in Nursing/MBA Degree?

The careers available with a dual Master of Science in Nursing/MBA degree are mostly found in the fields of management and administration. Read to learn more about four popular career choices for medical students with this unique degree. Medical Informatics Administrator Being trained in both nursing and business administration will prepare the graduate to work […]

What is a Modular MBA?

If you are comparing different types of Master of Business Administration programs, it is important that you learn about how a Modular MBA program differs from a traditional program. Some students do not have a schedule that permits them to attend a business degree program on a full-time basis and this is why modular approaches […]

What Careers are Available with an Executive MBA Degree?

The careers available with an Executive MBA degree are both prestigious and demanding. Here are four common career choices for students who graduate from Executive MBA programs. Executive Director Executive directors achieve organizational goals through developing and implementing strategic objectives, which are usually determined by boards of directors, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. […]

What Careers are Available with a Global MBA?

The careers available with a Global MBA are some of the most challenging and diverse in today’s job market. Many schools now offer Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees that prepare students to perform as leaders on the international stage. These universities often recruit some of the world’s brightest business students who bring fresh perspectives […]

What is a Marketing MBA?

A Marketing MBA is a specialized master’s degree program that provides the core competencies needed for students to excel as marketing executives and professionals. These graduate students receive a solid foundation in marketing strategy, consumer behaviors and demographics research. They are also exposed to new ideas and innovative courses, such as database and customer relationship […]

What is an Early-Career MBA?

If you are fresh out of undergraduate school and you want to advance your education, it is time to learn about the Early-career MBA program. While the average age of a traditional MBA student is 28, many students are rushing to earn their business degree in their early 20’s so that they can better compete […]

What is a Part-time MBA?

If you want to study for a professional degree and you do not have time to study full time, you may want to consider enrolling in a Part-time MBA degree program. While you can finish your degree faster if you take a full-time program, studying for 40 hours per week is not realistic for everyone. […]

Which Type of MBA Degree Offers the Most Job Security?

The type of MBA degree that offers the most job security will depend on the industry in question. When choosing an MBA specialization, it’s important to select an area that is currently experiencing growth. Traditional fields like finance, marketing and management are simply too general to provide specific job opportunities and future job security. Information […]

What is an MBA in Cyber Security?

An MBA in Cyber Security is a rare academic program that offers students advanced business administration and IT security training. This degree is the perfect choice for individuals who want to become managers and administrators in technology driven organizations. These degree programs balance strategic planning, analysis and management courses with cyber threat, mitigation and response […]

What is a Human Resources MBA?

A Human Resources MBA degree combines the leadership training of MBA programs with human resource management (HRM) knowledge. Human Resources MBA degrees are favored by HR managers who want to advance to higher positions, such as HR directors and vice presidents. Program Benefits This MBA concentration is designed to help students better understand the critical […]

What Careers are Available with a Human Resources MBA?

For those studying in the field, the careers available with a Human Resources MBA are promising and many. With your MBA, you will become a master of knowledge in staffing and the administration of business. Many jobs will need your particular skills, and you will always be in demand. Want to learn more? Here are […]

What Careers are Available with an MBA in Finance?

The careers available with an MBA in Finance can be found in the fields of economics, accounting, real estate, investment, banking and international business. This MBA degree trains students how to execute priorities in fast-paced environments and multi-task between finance, operations and leadership tasks. Cost Improvement Manager A cost improvement manager will be responsible for […]

What is an Information Technology MBA?

An Information Technology MBA is a unique graduate degree that offers both technical training and business management knowledge. Society is becoming dependent on technology for everything from socializing to investing to researching to online shopping. This behavioral shift is impacting how companies run their businesses, manage their people and generate higher levels of revenue. Many […]

What Careers are Available with an Information Technology MBA?

There are many careers available with an Information Technology MBA. Some of these are standard management positions, such as Chief Technology Officer, but other jobs are quite unique, such as internal audit supervisor. An Information Technology MBA provides the graduate with the right technology and managerial skills for many types of leadership positions. Innovation Manager […]

What Careers are Available with an MBA in Accounting?

There are many careers available with an MBA in Accounting. That is why many American students have shifted their focus from other MBA programs to accounting. One of the benefits of an MBA is that it provides students with the flexibility and relevancy across industries. One can work almost anywhere in an accounting or managerial […]

What is a Financial Analyst?

Generally speaking, the world of finance is more about the numbers than it is about the math involved in crunching them. Those numbers add up, however, and someone has to deal with the massive amount of information constantly being fed down the pike of the world’s major financial markets. The financial analyst applies advanced statistical […]