Northeastern University Online MBA

Northeastern University Online MBAAn MBA degree is a postgraduate degree in the study of business. Courses include both the theory and practical application of business and management principles. Accounting, finance, economics, marketing, operations management and human resource management are just a few of the areas covered by MBA degree programs. An MBA degree is often required to advance to upper levels of management in a number of different fields. Northeastern University offers several areas of specialization for many of these fields. Northeastern University, which is known for its traditional classroom MBA degree program, now offers an MBA program online. Taking classes online can be the best way to attend classes for those working full-time or for those who work and also have families. Online programs allow you to pursue further studies in the comfort of your own home and on a schedule that best suits your needs. Online programs provide the same types of classes as traditional classroom study, with access to instructors and opportunities to interact with other students for a full educational experience.

Details of the Northeastern University Online MBA Program

The Northeastern University online MBA program is recognized as one of the best online programs offered. The program can be completed in as little as two years. Northeastern groups online students together in small groups of 12 to 15 to provide an online community to encourage debate and provide support.

Northeastern offers a number of specializations, including finance, operations and supply chain management, innovation and entrepreneurship, healthcare management and others. Core courses include classes in managing people and organizations, financial accounting, global competition and market dominance, information analysis and strategic decision-making and other subjects. After completion of the Northeastern University Online MBA degree program, students can use their degrees to advance to higher executive levels in their current employment. Many people use their Northeastern University Online MBA degree to switch careers, using the skills they learn in the degree program to expand opportunities for international employment or acquire positions with greater financial rewards.

Admission requirements include a personal statement, transfer records from all previous institutions attended and a current resume. Tuition for Northeastern University is $1,345 per credit hour. For students concerned about the online MBA cost, they may apply for federal student financial aid by filing FAFSA forms by March 1st for funds for the upcoming year. Financial aid is available for online graduate students enrolled in at least 6 semester hours per term.

Challenges of Online MBA Programs

Distance learning requires the discipline to stay focused on studies that move quickly. It may require study seven days a week. If you run into problems, you must have the ability to express yourself succinctly in an email, in order to get assistance. Students must do much of the research for their coursework on their own, so resourcefulness is necessary. Interaction with other students online is encouraged while enrolled in a program like the Northeastern University Online MBA program, but may not offer the ease of communication that face-to-face encounters provide.

For those interested in advancing their career opportunities with an MBA, the online MBA program can offer a convenient way to take classes without the expense and inconvenience of traveling to classes that may be some distance away. The Northeastern University Online MBA program provides advanced education with fully accredited programs that allow students to utilize today’s technology to move their careers into the future.