University of Florida Online MBA

University of Florida Online MBAFor many busy professionals, earning an advanced degree requires a time commitment that can be challenging for a person to fit into an already full schedule. For this reason, an online MBA can offer the perfect solution for helping a person to earn an advanced education in the business field. This can lead to promotions and opportunities for higher salaries. Because an online MBA can be challenging, these types of degrees work best for a person who has already established a career in business and gained experience in a leadership position. During an online MBA program, students learn more about business management practices that include finance, globalization and professional communication. There are also courses that will enable a student to gain valuable experience in entrepreneurship, business planning and marketing so that they will be able to maintain a competitive edge in their chosen area of specialization. Students who choose to participate in an online MBA program prefer the flexibility that this type of format has to offer as it allows them to continue to build their professional experience while earning a degree.

Details of the University of Florida Online MBA Degree Program

The University of Florida offers an online MBA program that is available in several flexible options. Each one of these options is designed specifically for the working professional who has already earned an undergraduate degree in business. Depending upon the University of Florida Online MBA program that a student selects, they will also be expected to have gained anywhere from two to seven years of professional experience working in a business-related position. Prospective students will also be happy to learn that each of their programs can be completed in less than two years by a student who attends school full-time.

The three University of Florida Online MBA programs that are available are the professional, internet and executive degrees. The professional and internet programs each can be accomplished in one or two year increments depending upon how much business experience a person brings with them to the program. Each of these programs requires a visit to the campus on either a weekly or monthly basis. If a student chooses the internet track, then they will only be required to visit the campus once every four months. The executive level degree program is an accelerated program that requires at least eight years of experience in working within a leadership or management role in order to be considered for acceptance. This degree also requires a visit to the campus each month.

The University of Florida Online MBA program also offers each participant in their business school the opportunity to participate in a global program in order to earn course credit. The locations of these international trips vary each year, but they always allow students to participate in learning more about how businesses are managed throughout the world. In order to gain admission to the online MBA program, prospective students will be expected to submit their GRE scores, proof of past professional and educational experience, and transcripts from past universities. The current tuition is approximately $550 per credit hour. Students who are interested in participating in the University of Florida online MBA program will want to contact the admissions staff to learn more about the federal and local financial aid packages that are available and include scholarships for students who meet the criteria.

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