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What's Your Business Persona's Animal Spirit?

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The editors at Online MBA Rankings decided to research the topic of:

What&apos's Your Business Persona's Animal Spirit?

You have a business personality whether you consciously think about it or not. Do you know what your business persona's animal spirit is?


Top Tier - Do you work better - on your own? - OR - in a group?

On Your Own - Second Tier - Do you work best on deadlines? OR Work best at your own pace?

On Deadlines  - Third Tier - Do you have a short temper? OR Are you nervous? (Short temper takes you to OWL, nervous takes you to MOUSE)

At own pace - Third Tier - Are you more creative? OR compassionate? (Creative takes you to OCTOPUS, Compassionate takes you to SLOTH)


In a Group - Second Tier - Are you more manipulative? OR compassionate?

Manipulative - Third Tier - Do you have a short temper? OR Are you extremely energetic? (Short temper takes you to SNAKE, Energetic takes you to Fox)

Compassionate - Third Tier - Which is more accurate? You are a people-pleaser. OR You make snap decisions. (People Pleaser takes you to DOG, Snap decisions takes you to FOX)

The Dog - Have you ever come across a charming, charismatic business person that just seems to be a people-pleaser, no matter what they do? They constantly have energy, they are enthusiastic about everything they do, and they are playful, even in the office. The dog personality is also very caring. These business people make sure their employees and colleagues are happy and well-treated. 

The Owl - Quiet, thoughtful, and introverted business people are the owl. Deep thought and caution goes into every decision, and this aides in the running of the business. Just be careful with an owl personality. They are quiet and reserved, but don't forget they do have sharp claws, and aren't afraid to use them. Business people with this personality type can be sharp when the need arises. 

The Fox - Though business people with the fox personality have many similarities to those of the dog, there are also glaring differences. The fox likes to have fun, but can turn on you quickly. They are more likely to make snap decision. Those with the fox personality are great at manipulating people, and have a way of making things happen how they want. A person with a fox personality makes a great leader, because of the extreme confidence they exude. (Illustration of a fox playing)

The Mouse - There is a mouse in every business setting. The business person with the mouse personality is the one that is quiet and calm. They may have social anxiety or other nervousness. A mouse is generally not going to be a business owner or a leader; they cannot handle the extra pressure. However, they work well in group settings. (Illustration of a mouse)

The Sloth - Though at first it may seem like those with the sloth personality are lazy, look a little closer. They are relaxed. These business people like to take things at their own pace. This means that things generally don't get done on a generally accepted timeline, and that can be a problem. However, these people are also very caring and considerate of others. You may not want to put those with a sloth personality in charge of something with an important deadline, but that doesn't mean they aren't good for the company. (Illustration of a sloth)

The Octopus - Are you an extremely creative person who just wants to be left alone? If so, you might be an octopus personality. The octopus business person is highly intelligent, and they know it. They come up with great ideas, and work best when they are left alone to produce. (Illustration of an octopus)

The Snake - In business, as well as in the wild, snakes are highly intelligent. They know how to get what they want. They are also ruthless; they'll do anything they have to to get it. They are likely to lash out, and have short tempers. Those with the snake personality can also be very charming. It can be difficult to work with someone with a snake personality, since you get the feeling they are trying to squeeze you for everything they can get. (Illustration of a snake)